Really Connect Therapy and Coaching

 The Really Connect Method involves using a unique blend of coaching tools, energy healing and therapy methods to help individuals embrace their potential and create a greater sense of safety, clarity and balance.

This inner healing work is about:

  • discovering what self-limiting beliefs have you been imposing onto yourself;
  • eliminating any internal conversations (self-criticism, self-blame and self-judgement) that don’t allow you to embrace your truest/authentic self;
  • releasing yourself from dysfunctional dynamics, outdated scripts, societal conditioning (what is socially accepted and normalised throughout generations) and its impact on your existence: womanhood; manhood; motherhood or fatherhood;
  • inviting you to develop positive core beliefs that will support your growth and wellbeing;
  • bringing your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul together so you can expand and create the quality of life you desire;
  • creating space to reconnect with your Inner Child and connecting with your creativity.



The one-on-one consultations involve: 

∙ Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy techniques;

∙ BioEnergy Bodywork techniques;

∙ Theatre-inspired Techniques (such as role-playing scenarios, storytelling and metaphor) and gentle tools to harness movement, voice, body language and eye contact;

∙ Inner Child Work;

∙ Narrative Therapy 

∙ Positive Psychology;

∙ Guided Meditations with Intention;

∙ Guided Visualisations;

∙ Breathing techniques;

∙ Self-care wellbeing tools;

∙ Reflective practice;

∙ Journaling;

∙ Gratitude exercises;

∙ Mirror work;

∙ Inspirational quotes/notes and mantras and empowering affirmations to raise your vibration frequency;

∙ Intuitive, integrative, holistic and existential approach tailored to meet each individual's needs.


The total number of sessions are 12. Typically, each session lasts for 75-90 minutes and the cost for a single session (one-on-one) is €90.