Sunday, 4th December 2022 at 10.30am - 1.30pm (ONLY 6 places available)

Sandyford Wellness Centre,
21 Sandyford Office Park, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Sandyford, Dublin 18, D18 X642

 This workshop includes:

  • Grounding Techniques - We will be developing our own grounding box - a sensory toolkit - with an aim to feel connected to the body via the senses. This will help you settle your nervous system into a state of calm and centeredness.
  • Creative Practices - Collage - to restore a sense of joy, creativity and play.
  • Somatic Psychology - Somatic Vocabulary words - to increase self-regulation and build safety in the body. All materials will be provided.
  • Inner Child work - Guided Visualisation - to help you connect with your desires.
  • Positive Psychology - We will be practising Self-Compassion practices to release self-judgment and self-criticism and to increase our feelings of warmth toward the self and others.
  • Breathing exercises - to regulate and respond effectively to arousal states in the body. Changing the pattern of inhales and exhales influences one's heart rate, which, in turn, impacts physiological arousal, body sensations, and emotions.
  • My Resources - Inner and External Resources exercise - Journaling - to help bring awareness to implicit experiences and to make sense of our lives. All materials will be provided.
  • Nature sounds - to decrease stress.


What you need for a Grounding Box - 

Small cardboard boxes will be provided. However, please feel free to bring items that help you feel grounded and work best for you. For example, this might be a smooth stone that feels soothing, or a stress ball that you can squeeze. Find some images that you find supportive or poems that connect you to your heart. You can also choose a scent that helps you calm: an essential oil that uplifts your senses. Keep a few items around to stimulate your sense of taste, such as a piece of gum, chocolate or hard candy.

What you need for Collage -

Please note that all items will be provided, however you can bring your own items if you wish:

A collection of collage items
Collage items are anything that will stick to your paper!

You could try:

pictures cut out of magazines or catalogues
scraps of paper, ribbon or fabric
sequins, glitter, tinsel or foil
natural objects like leaves, feathers and sand
pipe-cleaners, paperclips, ice-cream sticks or buttons.

Please text Karolina at +353 857748269 or email Karolina at to reserve your place.

Tickets: €80/class