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I'm Karolina, I am happy you are here.

As we navigate the multiple roles our busy lives demand, we can often feel stressed, overwhelmed, uncertain, isolated or uninspired. To assist people with overcoming obstacles and releasing limiting beliefs, I hold a safe space for people to heal their inner self. As a senior trainee Psychotherapist, Certified Mindfulness teacher, Reiki Master and Life Coach, I help people to embrace their creative potential and maximize their wellbeing.

Areas of Expertise


My training is grounded in the science of Integrative Psychotherapy, which considers the whole person and draws on different therapeutic models depending on the particular needs of each client. To understand our relationship to ourselves, others and the world, I work from a philosophical framework - Existentialism. Existential therapy takes a holistic view seeing individual as part of a wider world and as intrinsically connected with the other people around them. Its philosophical approach allows it to explore the client's world and examine the paradoxes and contradictions of existence that clients will come up against in their life - freedom, choice, responsibility, authenticity, individuality, passion, anxiety, alienation and death. 



My gentle holistic approach works particularly well with a range of issues including: Anxiety, Stress, Low self-esteem, Confidence issues, Relationships, and life changes and transitions. I believe that healing is a process and it is about letting go of everything that isn't you. The process of healing involves letting go of energy blocks; letting go of mental blocks and letting go of anything that stands in the way of your highest contribution.

I facilitate webinars, online courses, retreats and workshops in the areas of self-compassion, grounded confidence, interpersonal communication and creativity. I am available to present talks on wellbeing and stress management.

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Background and education 

My professional experience is in teaching and providing support and pastoral care to children, teenagers and adult students at the Polish Teachers Association, Kaplan International College, Portobello Institute and University College Dublin (2013-2020). As a Business Programme Manager at Portobello Institute, I helped students to identify their unique talents, career goals, and work opportunities. I completed a training course entitled: "Responding to Distressed Students and Students at Risk" at UCD. When I worked at Dublin city schools and colleges, I was particularly interested in helping distressed students, providing new perspectives and emotional support. Over the course of my earlier career as a teacher and theatre director, my work with both children and adults inspired me to pursue a career in Psychotherapy.


  • MA in Arts in Directing for Theatre - University College DublinBA (Hons) in Film, Literature and Drama (1.1) - Dublin Business School
  • BSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling programme - IICP College in Dublin (final year)
  • Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness - IICP College in Dublin
  • Certified Leadership Coach - a graduate of Thinking Into Results Leadership Programme by Proctor and Gallagher
  • Tera Mai Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher - with Judith McAdam
  • Certificate in Advanced Project Management - Dublin Business School


Throughout my career, I have also demonstrated a commitment to contributing to the cultural and artistic landscape in Ireland. I believe that drama, storytelling and music are a means to inspire and heal.  To promote creativity and self-expression, I founded Enigma Theatre (2013- ) and staged, directed and produced plays in Smock Alley Theatre, The New Theatre and UCD Drama Society in Dublin.


  • 2364+

    hours of Training delivered & Teaching Experience

  • 712+

    hours of Coaching & Therapy

  • 2+

    theatre plays written and professionally staged and directed in Ireland

  • 15+

    years of work in an International environment 

The Really Connect Method!

The Really Connect Method involves using a unique blend of life coaching techniques, Mindfulness practices, Energy healing and therapy methods to help individuals create a greater sense of safety, clarity, and balance.

The Really Connect Method!

The Really Connect Method:

  • Really Connect with the Universe (spirituality & quantum physics)
  • Really Connect with your Inner Wisdom (self-compassion and creative potential) 
  • Really Connect with Others (healthy relationships) 

Karolina’s signature sessions provide strategies to reset your energy and keep your vibration high. The Really Connect Method helps you align with your most authentic self.  The aim of the method is to discover your true calling, to tap into your creative potential and to awaken inspiration in your life.