The Really Connect Coaching and Therapy Centre, Dublin, Ireland


Would you like to embrace your potential?

Would you like to boost your energy? 

 Would you like to let go of negative thoughts?




"Karolina is very professional, passionate, warm natured & she has a strong work ethic. She is completely dedicated to her work as a Healer & Teacher. She worked really well as part of the Dublin Wellness Centre Team of Therapists and we loved having her as part of our community."

Helen Lambe

The owner at  The Dublin Wellness Centre


"Would highly recommend going to see Karolina if you’re looking for anxiety relief or to help with any physical and emotional ailments. I did a distance reiki session with her recently and it really helped to calm me down in this current climate. It was very relaxing and she was so in tune with how I was feeling, which was pretty amazing since we weren’t face-to-face.”

Dearbhla Carol



“Karolina is a very special person with a rare gift for connecting with people. I did meditation sessions with Karolina in 2020 during Covid-19 and she is an empowering leadership coach who has helped me to focus on what really matters: my relationships with other people!”

Edward Kennedy


What I Offer for Positive Health?


Ask yourself the following:

  • Is there anything holding you back from what you desire?

  • Would you like to learn how to be a better friend to yourself rather than your own worst critic?

  • Would you like to embrace your potential and create a more passionate and vibrant life?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, email me or text me to set a FREE 30 mins  Discovery Call. Find out how I can help you work with anxiety, identify blocks to fulfill your potential and shift your mindset. I will support you with wellbeing tools you can implement straight away to live in the present moment and enhance the ability to enjoy life.


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