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What People Are Saying


"Karolina is very professional, passionate, warm natured & she has a strong work ethic. She is completely dedicated to her work as a Healer & Teacher. She worked really well as part of the Dublin Wellness Centre Team of Therapists and we loved having her as part of our community."

Helen Lambe

The owner at  The Dublin Wellness Centre


"Would highly recommend going to see Karolina if you’re looking for anxiety relief or to help with any physical and emotional ailments. I did a distance reiki session with her recently and it really helped to calm me down in this current climate. It was very relaxing and she was so in tune with how I was feeling, which was pretty amazing since we weren’t face-to-face. She also gave me some good advice on relieving anxiety.”

Dearbhla Carol



“She has helped me to focus on what really matters: my relationships with other people. The last Reiki session I did with Karolina gave me the most spiritual experience of my life.”

Edward Kennedy



Coaching Therapy - Wellbeing - Healing Work


I was raised in Poland and grew up in a home with limited financial resources; where I experienced not only socio-economic or educational disadvantages, but also domestic violence and multiple family traumas. When I was 19, my parents and I fled our country as a result of threats.  At that time, I came to live in Dublin, on my own and with no financial support.  I barely spoke English and had loads and loads of wobbles and insecurities. Despite difficult circumstances, I was determined to complete the third level education and to heal the past. Most of all, there has been a driving force inside me to create a meaningful and positive life.

One of my passions has been literature, poetry and theatre and there was always a strong desire in me to explore the human psyche. Obtaining bachelor's and master's degrees in Ireland helped me to specialise in directing for theatre, facilitating drama classes and teaching.

My professional experience is in teaching and providing support and pastoral care for students at the Polish Teachers Association, Kaplan International College, Portobello Institute, and University College Dublin. When I worked in Dublin city schools and colleges, I was particularly interested in helping distressed students, providing new perspectives and emotional support. For this reason, I gradually started to train and work as a therapist and as a life coach.

One of my biggest joys is when I have been able to really connect with a person. The reason I love facilitating people’s learning process (through consultations, online programs, events and retreats) is because I am driven by the conviction that each of us has access to and can develop their unlimited potential and talents. I love holding space for others to release blocks, heal, transform and maximise their wellbeing.

There is nothing to stop you living the life you want to live.

With love, 


What I Offer for Good Health?


“But life is not about half doing. You cannot half love, or half accept, or half live. It is about giving everything you have. When you are old and worn, do you really want to look back and say you gave the bare minimum? You owe yourself more than that.” Courtney Pepernell

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is there anything holding you back from what you desire?

  • Do you want to become crystal clear about what you are here to do and what is your sense of purpose?

  • Would you like to increase your self-awareness and a peace of mind?

  • Are you willing to believe in you and shift your mindset?

  • Would you like to access your own power?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, email me or text me to set a FREE 15 mins  Discovery Call. Find out how I can help you work with anxiety, identify blocks to fulfill your potential and shift your mindset. I will support you with strategies you can implement straight away to live in the present moment and enhance the ability to enjoy life.


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